fire marshall

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: marshall - an official who is responsible for the prevention and investigation of fires
functionary, official - a worker who holds or is invested with an office
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Middletown's deputy fire marshall Al Santostefano said there were about 50 workers on the site at the time of the blast, and that Connecticut governor Jodi Rell had approved the use of urban search-and-rescue teams.
Under this legislation, oversight responsibility would be shifted to the New York State Fire Marshall.
All tills and computers have to be switched off and each department has its own fire marshall to verify numbers.
TSgt Sleigh participated in Fire Marshall training where he strengthened his knowledge of actions to be taken in emergency situations.
The vinyl also meet the requirements of the California State Fire Marshall, ASTM and the NFPA fire-retardancy requirements.
Certificates were given in the areas of health and hygiene, child protection, fire marshall training, first aid and Epipen adrenaline injection.
Content includes cases and commentary on: fire marshall testimony at trials and depositions; witness statements and testimony at trial; evidence of arson; conspiracy to commit arson; arson-for-profit and interstate crimes; false claims and mail fraud; and domestic violence resulting in aggravated arson.
Staats said the usual route is for the office of the provincial fire marshall "scrutineer group" to go through the awards applications and check back with band councils or First Nation fire departments to find out if nominees had the correct number of years of service and to collect documentation.
Confirming this dire forecast were Plumas County (California) Commissioner Bill Dennison, San Bernadino County fire marshall Peter Briety and Don Sterrenburg, president of a homeowners' association.
Or see the fire marshall chase 100 people out of the theatre for crowd control.
Denise, who is a volunteer fire marshall, believes Robert may have died trying to help others.
German Schumacher, who won the tragic race at the Italian circuit at the weekend when fire marshall Paolo Ghislimberti was killed, told the FIA that a collision like the incident at the La Roggia chicane could result in death.