fire pot

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fire′ pot`

or fire′pot`,

the part of a household furnace in which the fire is made.
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All that day Mowgli sat in the cave tending his fire pot and dipping dry branches into it to see how they looked.
Bagheera lay close to Mowgli, and the fire pot was between Mowgli's knees.
He flung the fire pot on the ground, and some of the red coals lit a tuft of dried moss that flared up, as all the Council drew back in terror before the leaping flames.
The dress provides comfort to the people during winters as it facilitates the use of 'Kangri', a traditional portable earthen fire pot, for the warmth.
The depth of my duck's-nest fire pot is 5Yt inches, compared to a commercial coal depth of 3Vi to 4 inches, and it sufficiently heats the metal.
Because the fire pot is down on the floor, and the staves are sticking up three feet into the air, it is guaranteed that the ends of the staves will get more heat treatment than the belly, which virtually guarantees every stave in every barrel will bridge at least two official toast levels and bring two sets of aromatic goodies to the party.
Allegedly some miscreants threw a fire pot at Shahid Kapoor and Irrfan Khan during the filming.
Due to the serious risks of flash fire and burns when consumers add pourable gel to an already burning fire pot, consumers should immediately stop using the pourable gel fuel," the press release states.
After a quick thrust finished young Siward, Macbeth fell to his knees beside a fire pot.
An IndieStory presentation of a Children Playing' Around the Fire Pot production.
On the last night of the New Year festivities, some families in certain parts of the country still serve Fire Pot, a fondue-style meal where participants dip assorted meats, seafood, mushrooms and noodles in a rich broth bubbling in a large pot on the table.
For years now Paul has been wanting to burn the kettle house--a little vine-covered shack in the backyard containing a great kettle built into a brick fire pot once used for rendering lard and making apple butter.