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1. Expelling fire from the mouth: a fire-breathing dragon.
2. Filled with angry and forceful rhetoric or speech: "a fire-breathing antitax crusader who ran for president" (Stephen Kinzer).
1. The act of a performer who takes an accelerant into the mouth and then ejects a large flame.
2. Angry and forceful rhetoric or speech.

fire′-breath′er n.


intensely ardent or passionate; fiery.
References in classic literature ?
She had once said that she would like him to stay; and stay he would, whatever fire-breathing dragons might hiss around her.
The captain of the raft, who was as full of history as he could stick, said that in the Middle Ages a most prodigious fire-breathing dragon used to live in that region, and made more trouble than a tax-collector.
cried the lad, taking a light from a fire-breathing silver dragon that the waiter had placed on the table.
With him Bellerophon caught and slew the fire-breathing Chimera.
Returned home in triumph, Beowulf much later receives the due reward of his valor by being made king of his own tribe, and meets his death while killing a fire-breathing dragon which has become a scourge to his people.
We'll see what my fire-breathing bulls will do for him.
THE fire-breathing Beast of Turin is coming to Scotland.
Some fans prefer his version over some Hollywood depictions, which they say make the fire-breathing lizard an evil-looking animal.
When Daenerys Targaryen rode in on her fire-breathing dragon, burning the Lannister army to a crisp in Episode 4 of the ongoing season, it sure was a goosebumps-worthy moment as the Khaleesi's first battle cry in Westeros.
The Explorers re-enacted the story of St George in front of the Beavers and Cubs with a fire-breathing dragon they made themselves.
Join Shrek and his trusty steed Donkey as they embark on a quest to rescue the beautiful (if slightly temperamental) Princess Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon.
The XR, which features the samewild-eyed 1000cc, 160-horsepower, inline 4-cylinder engine that scared the wrinkles out of my undercarriage in the insane S1000R nakedbike, is a fire-breathing, road focused light adventure bike with as much prospects for long-range touring as it has to blow the mirrors off sportsbikes in the twisties.