fire-engine red

fire′-en`gine red′

a very bright red color.
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It's the hillside thoroughbred with the hardwood deck and the steel runners painted fire-engine red. While a plastic disc weighs a few ounces, a 60-inch Flexible Flyer tips the scales at 14 pounds.
There are reds ranging from the fire-engine red of the shrubby redosier dogwood to the coppery reddish-brown of the Nanking cherry to the dulled red-brown of Cryptomeria.
She says: "We've recently rebranded our products, going from a western theme with fire-engine red to a new packaging that is soft and natural, with mountain ranges that reflect the local produce of creating the product here in the Scottish Highlands.
The sleek, low-slung, fire-engine red vehicle may not have been a work of art, but Gregoire Billault, senior Sotheby's vice-president, called it "the very best racing car ever sold at an auction."
Despite the pair's dark and stormy summer looks, the 'It Ain't Me' hit-maker, who wore her hair in a stylish updo, made sure to accessorise with a pop of color, carrying a fire-engine red purse.
The true star of Brick's Smoked Meats is the fire-engine red J&R Oyler Pit smoker that stands almost two stories tall and produces pitmaster Mark Gabrick's exceptional brisket.
The Dutch model's choppy, fire-engine red hair has given her an editorial edge and landed her appearances in style titles around the world.
"It's so much fun to see what a new shade brings out in me." Want to give strawberry blond or fire-engine red a whirl?
She pairs it with leggings in fire-engine red for an effect that's both fun and daring.
It's got fire-engine red piping and has some little chains as well.
Who needs football when you can see things like the Floater Exhibit and fire-engine red ali oops and, of course, the Flower of the Year.
X Red -- bright, fire-engine red, for that matter -- sequins are very tricky.