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incombustible, noncombustible - not capable of igniting and burning
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West Yorkshire Fire Service took action against the building after receiving a "compartmentation survey." Compartmentation is the term used to describe the high degree of fire separation between flats and the common parts and is achieved by making each flat a fire-resisting enclosure.
The pilgrims have been accommodated in fire-resisting tents but some of them preferred to spend the day on the top of Jabal Al-Rahma.
High fire risk processes and equipment should be located away from centres of occupation; the potential spread of fire restricted by sub-dividing the building into compartments, separated by fire-resisting walls and floors; and careful attention paid to the selection of building materials, particularly wall and ceiling linings, to ensure they are not themselves combustible and likely to add to either the fire load of the building, or the rapid spread of flames.
Among the concerns were malfunctioning fire doors and openings in fire-resisting divisions.