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A boat equipped to fight fires along waterfronts and on ships.


(Nautical Terms) a motor vessel with fire-fighting apparatus



a powered vessel equipped to fight fires on boats, docks, shores, etc.
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Noun1.fireboat - a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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We had two crews from South Shields, three from Byker, including a fireboat, one from Newcastle Central and one from Hebburn.
Cotter fireboat (and winter icebreaker/water rescue vessel) on the Buffalo River.
The responding crew evaded the problem by calling in a fireboat to subdue the flames from the Anacostia River, he said.
Smith, the city's longest continually operating fireboat, sitting aside one of the northernmost piers, its bow cannon pointed toward the Manhattan skyline.
But DND is now looking at privatizing its tug and fireboat fleets on both the east and west coasts.
Tower Bridge will lift as a mark of respect and, as the procession passes HMS Belfast, a four-gun salute will sound out and the Massey Shaw fireboat will shoot jets of water into the air.
The city dispatched a fireboat, and a few units to the Pier 91 cruise terminal, as a precaution.
A major project being undertaken by T Nielsen and Co, a specialist in repairing and restoring traditional ships, is the restoration of the Massey Shaw, a former London Fire Brigade fireboat built in 1935.
36) In those lean years, Wallace's Burrard Dry Dock delivered an ice-strengthened arctic patrol vessel for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and a fireboat for the City of Vancouver, while North Van Ship Repairs built a couple West Vancouver ferries.