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A boat equipped to fight fires along waterfronts and on ships.


(Nautical Terms) a motor vessel with fire-fighting apparatus



a powered vessel equipped to fight fires on boats, docks, shores, etc.
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Noun1.fireboat - a boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
boat - a small vessel for travel on water
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a Coast Guard helicopter and a fireboat were on scene.
A Coast Guard helicopter and a fireboat were on scene when he arrived around 5 a.m.
"Seventeen fire engines and a fireboat were called to the site, and help was also brought in from Durham, Darlington and Northumberland.
The President added that he will look for fireboat to turnover to the local government.
"Whose Boat?" is a nonfiction ode to boats features six kinds of workers and their boats (a patrol boat, a tugboat, a car ferry, a lobster boat, a lifeboat, and a fireboat) with important parts properly labeled.
"We had two crews from South Shields, three from Byker, including a fireboat, one from Newcastle Central and one from Hebburn."
In addition to speeches by political figures, local jazz musicians performed "America the Beautiful" and on the river behind the Plaza a fireboat sprayed plumes of water that were red, white, and blue.
Cotter fireboat (and winter icebreaker/water rescue vessel) on the Buffalo River.
The responding crew evaded the problem by calling in a fireboat to subdue the flames from the Anacostia River, he said.
Smith, the city's longest continually operating fireboat, sitting aside one of the northernmost piers, its bow cannon pointed toward the Manhattan skyline.