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An exchange of gunfire, as between infantry units.


(Military) a brief small-scale engagement between opposing military ground forces using short-range light weapons



an exchange of gunfire between two opposing forces, esp. a skirmish between military forces.


[ˈfaɪəˌfaɪt] N (Mil) (journalese) → tiroteo m
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08 (ANI): In another incident of a school shooting in the United States, two students were involved in a firefight at a high school in Birmingham, Alabama, on Wednesday, the city school district told the CNN.
An Abu Sayyaf terrorist was killed while a firearm was seized after a fierce firefight between soldiers of the Army's 68th Infantry Battalion and the bandit group at Sitio Pali, Brgy.
Two suspected members of the Concepcion Group, a gun-for-hire gang which originated from Libon town in Albay, were killed in Bula town in Camarines province in a firefight with state forces afternoon of Tuesday.
Four persons were wounded in an alleged firefight between two warring families in Bacolod Calawi, Lanao del Sur on Friday.
A recent firefight between government soldiers and the New Peoples Army (NPA) rebels in the upland villages on the southern part of the province left 5 soldiers wounded.
New Delhi: The Indian Army on Wednesday said it has inflicted "heavy casualties" on NSCN (K) militants during a firefight along the border with Myanmar, but clarified that it was "not a surgical strike".
Goddard Lake commemorates Captain Nichola Goddard, RCHA, who died in a firefight in May 2006.
Afghan officials on Wednesday had claimed Mansour was injured in a firefight following a verbal dispute at a meeting of militant commanders in Pakistan.
Two members of an Ethiopian smuggling ring have been killed in a firefight with Saudi security forces in the Kingdom's southern border with Yemen, the Border Guard said on Sunday.
The firefight erupted after militants stormed police check posts in the area, he said, adding security forces escaped unhurt during the clash.
It said the Alvand and Bushehr sped to the scene, engaged in a firefight and forced the pirates to retreat.
Ukrainian nationalists Right Sector were blamed for the attack but officials FIREFIGHT A pro-Russian militant by burnt-out truck in Kiev denied the claim.