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1. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) an obsolete type of gunlock with a priming mechanism ignited by sparks
2. (Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a gun or musket having such a lock



a gun having a lock in which the priming is ignited by sparks struck from flint and steel, as the flintlock musket.
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Noun1.firelock - a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlockfirelock - a muzzle loader that had a flintlock type of gunlock
flintlock - an obsolete gunlock that has flint embedded in the hammer; the flint makes a spark that ignites the charge
muzzle loader - an obsolete firearm that was loaded through the muzzle
References in classic literature ?
One of them snatched my firelock up and levelled it at my head, while the other held a great knife to my throat and swore between his teeth that he would plunge it into me if I moved a step.
It is well,' he answered, handing me back my firelock.
I cast my firelock between his legs as he raced past, and he rolled twice over like a shot rabbit.
Perceiving the bird was flown, at least despairing to find him, and rightly apprehending that the report of the firelock would alarm the whole house, our heroe now blew out his candle, and gently stole back again to his chamber, and to his bed; whither he would not have been able to have gotten undiscovered, had any other person been on the same staircase, save only one gentleman who was confined to his bed by the gout; for before he could reach the door to his chamber, the hall where the centinel had been posted was half full of people, some in their shirts, and others not half drest, all very earnestly enquiring of each other what was the matter.
I gave each of them a musket, with a firelock on it, and about eight charges of powder and ball, charging them to be very good husbands of both, and not to use either of them but upon urgent occasions.
But he was very much deceived in this conclusion, for daylight had hardly begun to appear when there came up to the inn four men on horseback, well equipped and accoutred, with firelocks across their saddle-bows.
The trouble is," resumed the captain, "that all our firelocks, great and little, are in the round-house under this man's nose; likewise the powder.
As it happened, we had twine or packthread enough about us, which we used to tie our firelocks together with; so we resolved to attack these people first, and with as little noise as we could.
Captain Plume, for example, tries to convince a laborer to join by highlighting the financial rewards of robbing the dead under anomic conditions: "What think you know of a Purse full of French Gold out of a Monsieur's pocket, after you have dash'd out his Brains with the But of your Firelock, eh?
Victaulic, the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems, has introduced the new FireLock NXT Series 768N Dry Valve.
with a musket or firelock, with a bayonet, a cartouch box to contain twenty three cartridges, a priming wire, a brush and six flints, all in good order, on or before the first day of April next, under the penalty of forty shillings, and shall keep the same by him at all times, ready and fit for service, under the penalty of two shillings and six pence for each neglect or default thereof on every muster day").
That included a musket or firelock, bayonet, and ammunition, which "every free able-bodied white male citizen" aged eighteen to forty-five years old was required to "provide himself with" under the first Federal Militia Act.