fireman's carry

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Noun1.fireman's carry - the act of carrying a person over your shoulderfireman's carry - the act of carrying a person over your shoulder
carry - the act of carrying something
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Black was primed to get the victory after dropping Cole from a fireman's carry to the back of two steel chairs and hitting a dropkick, but his foes cohorts Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish stopped the three count and nailed Black with the Enter the Dragon.
Hurdles, Sand Bagging, Killa Gorilla, Fireman's Carry, Totally Tiresome, Mudder Barrow and The Big Dipper also make their presence felt in this year's du Tough Mudder.
I wanted to do a fireman's carry but there was no time.
The first round I fought well, but the second round, I think I was too wary of her fireman's carry technique and my legs didn't move as well,'' Yoshida said.

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