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1. A fire of great size and intensity that generates and is fed by strong inrushing winds from all sides: the firestorm that leveled Hiroshima after the atomic blast.
2. An intense or violent response: "The discovery that your child has a learning disorder can set off a firestorm of emotions" (Judith Harkness Richardson).


an uncontrollable blaze sustained by violent winds that are drawn into the column of rising hot air over the burning area: often the result of heavy bombing


or fire′ storm`,

1. an atmospheric phenomenon, caused by a large fire, in which the rising column of air above the fire draws in strong winds often accompanied by rain.
2. a vehemently intense and contagious response: a firestorm of protest.
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Noun1.firestorm - a storm in which violent winds are drawn into the column of hot air rising over a severely bombed area
storm, violent storm - a violent weather condition with winds 64-72 knots (11 on the Beaufort scale) and precipitation and thunder and lightning
2.firestorm - an outburst of controversy; "the incident triggered a political firestorm"
contestation, controversy, disceptation, arguing, argument, contention, disputation, tilt - a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement; "they were involved in a violent argument"
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The study, "Digital Social Norm Enforcement: Online Firestorms in Social Media," was published in June at PLoS ONE.
A royal commission is currently under way and will recommend ways to try to reduce the loss of life in the event of future firestorms.
The firestorms triggered by such nuclear volleys would produce millions of tons of smoke and soot, Turco notes.
But on Nick's first afternoon working alone in the book shop, a devastating earthquake strikes, followed by raging firestorms across the city.
The quake itself, and the subsequent firestorms that virtually destroyed western America's largest metropolis of the era, are remembered in newly restored movie footage from the period and personal accounts of eyewitnesses.
Earthquakes, mudslides, firestorms and other calamities frequently shake up this region, and that makes folks here able to truly empathize with the current suffering on the Gulf Coast in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Deadly firestorms ravaged Southern California last year, but the much larger, denser, brush-clogged forests in the northern half of the state may provide a far greater conflagration this summer.
In October 2003, 750,000 acres and 2,800 homes were destroyed in the Southern California firestorms.
I decided to listen to my grandfather's advice for forest firestorms and apply it to the Holy Spirit firestorm in my life.
Hollywood's proximity to the mud slides, earthquakes, firestorms, and race riots that have made L.
We made only 500 Firestorms in a limited edition about four years ago.
Initially in response to a letter from an AICPA member involved in a California Society of CPAs group dealing with the tax ramifications of the horrors of the Oakland firestorms, David Lifson, chair of the Individual Taxation Committee, set up a working group to address the tax issues involved with disasters.