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Without waiting to rise he whipped a revolver from his pocket, firing point blank at the great mountain of muscle towering before him; but, quick as he was, John Clayton was almost as quick, so that the bullet which was intended for the sailor's heart lodged in the sailor's leg instead, for Lord Greystoke had struck down the captain's arm as he had seen the weapon flash in the sun.
Judge McFarland said: "Given the nature of this offence and the fact you would have been involved in the planning - and it was your responsibility to drive the weapon to its final firing point - you satisfy the criteria for dangerousness."
John Barsness' irresponsible layout of firing point, target and no backstop in the photo on page 21 of the February issue is one of the worst photos I have seen in a gun magazine in a long time.
The Sports Council foS r Wales wants to create the 50-metre rifle range, firing point building and 4.5m-high target wall at Sophia Gardens for athletes competing in air rifle and .22 rim fire rifle.
Captain George Shipman, of 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, fighting in Afghanistan, said: "We've used it on a number of occasions and it's helped us to identify exactly where that firing point was.
Firing point/impact point-Identification of materials that remain at the firing point or are released at impact.
Dissident Republicans were being blamed for setting the bomb - with a command wire which led across the border to a firing point. Newry and Mourne police commander, Chief Inspector Sam Cordner, said the bomb was targeted against PSNI officers, but said, had it been detonated, it would have demolished nearby houses, killing the occupants.
Pilots swept low to unleash rounds on a militia mortar firing point and a building believed to be being turned into an insurgent stronghold.
Below right: Sgt Baz Shaw observes a hole in the roof while searching a known Taliban firing point. Image captured during Operation Silica.
He was killed by a single round from a gunman as he was on "top cover" on a vehicle, protecting the troops around him, as it investigated a possible mortar firing point.
Second, it burns a small area thus destroying the vegetation in the immediate area denying the enemy use of that firing point in the future.