firm up

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Verb1.firm up - arrange firmly; "firm up one's plans"
arrange, fix up - make arrangements for; "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"
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w>firm up

vt sep muscleskräftigen; thighsstraffen; deal etcunter Dach und Fach bringen
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But when his banker finally called, it wasn't to firm up the deal: To his dismay, McKinney learned that the bank went under, thus shutting his only source of credit.
Logistics firm UPS invested in Smart Logistics Network to make global commerce easier for Asia Pacific clients, improving services in 41 countries and territories in the region so they can connect worldwide to over 22 million businesses.
Dubai: Logistics firm UPS has adapted the livery of one of its 747 long-haul cargo aircraft to include the Expo 2020 Dubai logo.
A BEARDED man says he feels "discriminated" against after being told he could not have a job with multinational delivery firm UPS at East Midlands Airport unless he was clean shaven.
Partnerships have been formed with American air carriers including United Airlines and Southwest Airlines as well as with logistics firm UPS.
Expo 2020 Dubai has chosen leading global logistics firm UPS to handle the logistics operations for the event, which is expected to attract millions of visitors over its six-month duration.