firm up

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Verb1.firm up - arrange firmly; "firm up one's plans"
arrange, fix up - make arrangements for; "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"

w>firm up

vt sep muscleskräftigen; thighsstraffen; deal etcunter Dach und Fach bringen
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The Nuneaton-based parcel carrier company, which is one of the country's largest independent carriers, was taken over by international firm UPS last year for pounds 55.
Police have not revealed how the grenades came to be filled with explosives and delivered by courier firm UPS to a postbox outside the consulate building on May 4.
This week the company received another orders boost, with the announcement that US delivery firm UPS had agreed to buy 10 freighter versions of its new A380 superjumbo.
The details - which include salaries, national insurance numbers and addresses - belonged to staff at courier firm UPS.