first classman

first′ class′man

(ˈklæs mən, ˈklɑs-)

n., pl. -men.
a fourth-year student at a U.S. military academy.
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33) Other defining features of the unique VMI experience include a strictly enforced Honor Code, a class system, and a Dyke System that assigns a senior, or first classman, mentor to each freshman, or rat.
I congratulate on appointing a first classman as Chief Coach, Mr Ian Buchan," wrote TWE H Pritchard of Neston.
He is VMI's school record holder in saves in a season with 314 in 1992; is a three-time team MVP (1990-91-92); was ranked in the national top four in save percentage as a first classman in 1992; compiled 729 career saves; served as team tri-captain in 1992; his .
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