first degree

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Noun1.first degree - a degree of one; "all of the terms in a linear equation are of the first degree"
degree - the highest power of a term or variable
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To escape death he would have done anything, and the police agents prepared him by assuring him that he could not possibly escape conviction of murder in the first degree when his trial came off.
The person ultimately appointed must be the object of his preference, though perhaps not in the first degree.
Andrew of the First Degree, and a dinner had been arranged for the evening, given by a battalion of the French Guards to the Preobrazhensk battalion.
For Flask to have presumed to help himself, this must have seemed to him tantamount to larceny in the first degree.
The grand jury presently indicted Luigi for murder in the first degree, and Angelo as accessory before the fact.
I said we had eighty thousand convicts employed on the railways in America--all of them under sentence of death for murder in the first degree.
A contrite heart and ten nobles to holy mother Church may stave off perdition; but he hath a pardon of the first degree, with a twenty-five livre benison, so that I doubt if he will so much as feel a twinge of purgatory.
The Ministry of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs' current lowest qualification in the senior/strategic management cadre is a first degree.
A source within Khartoum state disclosed in June 2014 that several proposals were made to raise the water rate by 33% (20 pounds SDG) for the third degree consumers, 40% (35 pounds) for the second degree consumers and 33% (60 pounds) for the first degree consumers.
The guard, 29, who sustained first degree burns to his face and scalp, was patrolling the fenced grounds of the factory where he works when the incident occurred at around 9pm, he told police.
Arwa bint Ali Alsayed of Riyadh&'s Armed Forces Hospital was granted King Abdulaziz Medallion of the First Degree.