first derivative

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Noun1.first derivative - the result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx
curvature - the rate of change (at a point) of the angle between a curve and a tangent to the curve
figuring, reckoning, calculation, computation - problem solving that involves numbers or quantities
partial, partial derivative - the derivative of a function of two or more variables with respect to a single variable while the other variables are considered to be constant
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Whatever the mechanism, the 5-6 year advanced warning of increased seismic hazards afforded by the first derivative of the LoD is fortuitous, and has utility in disaster planning," the scientists said.
Since the difference between each successive output follows a linear pattern, it can be deduced that the first derivative of the function in question is that of a linear nature.
To find out the optimal density, we consider the FAP density as the independent variable and calculate the first derivative of Equ.
The structure design of its first derivative, anti-CD3 Collabody is meant to resolve the narrow therapeutic window of the existing anti-human CD3 antibody products--teplizumab and otelixizumab, both of which were failed in clinical phase 3 trails in treating patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus disease.
In this work we aim to find new Hermite-Hadamard inequalities for the functions whose first derivative in absolute value are pre-invex functions, related to the difference between (Eqs.
He assisted in managing the first forward trading operations in the region and contributed to structuring the first derivative fund in the GCC.
1-A is representative of first derivative spectrum of EVOO and PROO standards and resultant spectrum obtained by the subtraction of PROO from EVOO with a spectral math parameter shows the clear dissimilarity between characteristic bands.
The present methods require per iteration, two function and two first derivative evaluations.
Now the maximum specific growth rate can be derived by substituting the inflection point in Table 4 in the first derivative in Table 2.
The difference between adjacent pixels is the first derivative of the discreet image.
First Derivative Traders (3) has generated an immense amount of criticism (4) and a slew of conflicting lower court decisions.