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Noun1.first harmonic - the lowest tone of a harmonic series
harmonic - a tone that is a component of a complex sound
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While the first harmonic in IS technique is 50.34 V, SHE technique has generated 50.63 V load voltage and the eliminated harmonic components lower than 0.29 V.
According to relations (5), [[beta].sub.w] for the frequency 50 Hz (the first harmonic) takes the values [[beta].sub.w1] = 3.6/3.2 and [[beta].sub.w1] = 6.5+5.8, respectively.
IT HAS BEEN SHOWN that one acoustic feature of belting is the dominance of harmonic energy above the first harmonic (the fundamental), especially in females.
In addition, the important relationship between the first harmonic of the radial pulse wave and cardiac risk has been studied recently.
[12] used the harmonic technique to analyze precipitation climatology in Jordan and Turkey, respectively; the results of these two articles agree with each other in terms of the percentages of variance of the first harmonic, which represent more than 90% of variation.
Vibration at the fundamental frequency generates the first harmonic (fundamental tone), and vibration at twice the fundamental frequency generates the second harmonic.
When the period of interest is a calendar year, the first harmonic allows for a single peak and valley in each year.
The period of the first long-periodical harmonic in (1) depends on the observational time span in case of classic Fourier approximation but here it is possible to decrease the value of the first harmonic so the estimated frequencies may cover the desired set of real oscillations This method allows a flexible and easy separation of harmonic oscillations into different frequency bands by the formula
Number of The ratio of magnetic Eddy current losses under permanent length and depth of the first and 37th harmonic magnet segments penetration excitation/W 1 5.4 0.8233 2 2.7 0.5187 3 1.8 0.3607 Number of Eddy current losses under permanent the first harmonic magnet segments excitation/W 1 0.8024 2 0.5152 3 0.3325 Number of Eddy current losses under permanent the 37th harmonic magnet segments excitation/mW 1 20.9 2 3.5 3 28.2
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