first harmonic

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Noun1.first harmonic - the lowest tone of a harmonic series
harmonic - a tone that is a component of a complex sound
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Interestingly the first harmonic of the TPF has much more magnitude than the TPF itself.
When the period of interest is a calendar year, the first harmonic allows for a single peak and valley in each year.
1, 2, and by (3) a low-frequency component of the PAF current can be represented as the sum of the reactive component of the first harmonic current, and harmonics of the order 6n [+ or -] 1 due to the spectral composition of the input current six-pulse uncontrolled rectifier.
With a first formant frequency of the vowel /a/ set at 788 Hz, however, the second harmonic (784 Hz) is boosted by nearly 30 dB to rise 10 dB above the first harmonic level in the radiated output pressure (top right).
3607 Number of Eddy current losses under permanent the first harmonic magnet segments excitation/W 1 0.
First Harmonic[R] is owned and operated by First Harmonic LLC.
This interpretation is based on the Kurokawa's first harmonic approximation or descriptive function [14].
Birmingham musicians Chris Mapp and Percy Pursglove mounted the first Harmonic Festival in the spring of 2010, mainly at the CBSO Centre, and it was a great success.