first sergeant

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first sergeant

The senior noncommissioned officer of a US Army or Marine Corps unit, who is equivalent in rank to a master sergeant and performs administrative duties.
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first′ ser′geant

1. (in the U.S. Army)
a. a noncommissioned officer ranked above a master sergeant.
b. the senior noncommissioned officer of a company, squadron, etc.
2. a noncommissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps ranked above gunnery sergeant.
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Noun1.first sergeant - a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeantfirst sergeant - a sergeant in the Army above the rank of staff sergeant and below master sergeant
orderly sergeant - the first sergeant of a company; duties formerly included the conveyance of orders
sergeant - any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal
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The first sergeant of Lieutenant Dudley's company stepped to the front and began to name the men in alphabetical order.
'The first sergeant really is a lynchpin for health, morale and welfare of the unit,' said Chief Master Sgt.
One course of action is to separate the commander and the first sergeant and send them to two separate forums.
BEIRUT: A retired Lebanese Army first sergeant was found dead in his house Sunday, according to the state-run National News Agency.
Charles, 2nd Platoon Leader Jack Brewster of South Elgin, 3rd Platoon Leader Ben Figueras of Batavia, and First Sergeant Daniel Katz of Naperville
The support staff was definitely instrumental in the team's success on the march according to First Sergeant Ashurst.
As a first sergeant and lead trainer of my company, this program has given me the ability to understand the role that my organization has in strategic-level thinking and decision making.
First Sergeant Al Balushi explained that the process of inventing the aircraft underwent many attempts, including night experiments using laser, camera and screen.
Army Sergeants Major Academy's First Sergeants Course; the Command Sergeants Major Course; and more.
He alleged that while they were inside the office together, his elbow touched her by mistake," the first sergeant testified to prosecutors.
According to Lebanon's National News Agency (NNA), two gunmen on a motorbike opened fire on first sergeant Khaled Ezzidine and killed him instantly.

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