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1. Of or relating to government expenditures, revenues, and debt: a fiscal policy of incurring budget deficits to stimulate a weak economy.
2. Of or relating to finance or finances.

[French, from Latin fiscālis, from fiscus, money basket, treasury.]

fis′cal·ly adv.
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Adv.1.fiscally - in financial matters; "fiscally irresponsible"
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Lim acknowledged that while the government is struggling fiscally, it will still ensure that enough funds be allocated to honour the debt schedule - which has a balance of around RM3.8 billion unaccounted for.
The mission of Palatine Park District is to provide a variety of safe, enjoyable, and affordable parks, programs, and recreational facilities that will enhance the quality of life by promoting good health and well-being for all residents and visitors while being fiscally responsible stewards of community assets and tax dollars.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Feb 1 (ANI): Union Minister Arun Jaitley on Friday described the Interim Budget as "pro-growth, fiscally prudent, pro-farmer, pro-poor" and one that gives more purchasing power to the Indian Middle Class.
Monroe County continues to rank among the most fiscally stressed communities statewide, a new report from the state comptroller's office shows, but the county's scorecard has improved significantly over the last two years.
Ask yourself, "Am I reinvigorated after spending time with these people or am I emotionally zapped?" Evaluate the ROI (return on your time investment) with these individuals by asking, "What have I gleaned from these people?" Are you now more fiscally responsible?
INTERBANK MARKET RATES: In the final Asian trade, the dollar hovered near a 3-1/2-month high versus the yen on Friday, after making big gains overnight as the markets prepared for a Donald Trump presidency that could stimulate the US economy fiscally and lift interest rates, he added.
Governor Brown, the fiscally conservative leader, is expected to sign the waiver request because no state spending is involved.
He says he's not fiscally ready to add dancers to the main company, but hopes it's in the near future.
When such investments are made through an entity that is "fiscally transparent" under the laws of the United States and/or any other jurisdiction, the regulations under Sec.
The transportation finance plan signed into law last year ends the long-standing, fiscally irresponsible practice of paying for operating expenses on the state credit card.
President Barack Obama on Saturday previewed his budget set to unveil next week, calling it "fiscally responsible" and will avoid "self-inflicting wounds" like sequestration.