fish farm

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fish farm

A commercial facility where fish are raised for food in tanks, ponds, or other enclosures.

fish′-farm′ v.
fish farmer n.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: farm - a workplace (usually a pond) where fish are raised for food
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
مَزْرَعَة سَمَك
chov ryb
chov rýb
balık üretme çiftliği

fish farm



(fiʃ) nounplurals fish (rare) ˈfishes
1. a kind of creature that lives in water and breathes through gills. There are plenty of fish around the coast.
2. its flesh eaten as food. Do you prefer meat or fish?
1. to (try to) catch fish (in). She likes fishing; He fished the river all day.
2. (usually with for) to search for. She fished around in her handbag for a handkerchief.
3. (usually with for) to try to get by indirect means. He is always fishing for compliments.
ˈfishy adjective
1. of or like a fish. a fishy smell.
2. odd or suspicious. There's something fishy about that man.
ˈfishball noun
mashed fish shaped into a ball and cooked.
ˈfisherman noun
a person who fishes either as a job or as a hobby.
ˈfish farm noun
an area of fresh water for breeding fish as a business.
fish farmer
a person who breeds fish.
ˈfish hatchery noun
a place for hatching fish eggs.
ˈfishing-line noun
a fine strong thread, now usually made of nylon, used with a rod, hooks etc for catching fish.
ˈfishing-rod noun
a long thin flexible rod used with a fishing-line and hooks etc for catching fish.
fish merchant
a fishmonger.
ˈfishmonger noun
1. a person who sells fish.
2. a shop that sells mainly fish. I must go down to the fishmonger.
feel like a fish out of water
to feel uncomfortable or out of place in a situation.
fish out
to pull something out with some difficulty. At last he fished out the letter he was looking for.

The plural fish is never wrong, but sometimes fishes is used in talking about different individuals or species: How many fish did you catch? ; the fishes of the Indian Ocean ; the story of two little fishes .
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More than 70 per cent tourists eat trout fish in the valley as it is famous for its quality and taste while a huge quantity is transported to hotels across the country,' Usman Ali, an owner of a trout fish farm in Madyan, said.
Today there are seven specialized fish-breeding enterprises in the region: the production cooperative of the fish farm "Kashma", the fish farm "Karay", the LLC "Rybhoz" Pervomaisky ", the fish farm" Polevoi ", OOO" Bokino ", the fish farm" Shushpanskiy ".
Some concerns about fish-farming were heightened this summer after pens holding an estimated 305,000 Atlantic salmon were damaged at a fish farm in the San Juan Islands, a Washington State island chain that faces Vancouver Island, allowing some of the fish to escape.
KHAIRPUR -- Two minor drowned in fish farm near Mirpur Mathelo on Tuesday.
By: Ahmed Mamdouh CAIRO -- 18 November 2017: Headed by President Abdel- Fatah el-Sisi, Egypt celebrated Saturday the inauguration of the largest fish farm in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), located in Berket Ghalioun in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate.
This fish farm offers an excellent opportunity to produce a highly desirable crop, which the demand for continues to increase.
Because ponds are better and more convenient way to fish under the current conditions the Earth at least 40% of the clay content of less than 20 per cent of the sand is appropriate to begin because fish farm can retain the ability to accept water.
an incubator, a juvenile fish farm and a fish processing factory.
Summary: An Emirati fisherman received a one-month prison term for illegally angling fishes raised on a private fish farm.
Current study focuses on the FURNAS fish farm which produces fish fry to repopulate large reservoirs built along the river Grande, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil.
Nine acres of land is sufficient for a fish farm wherein eight ponds can be built.
Request of best offers & proposals in 3 public auctions to sell fish produced from (a) Bersiq Fish Farm in Beheira, El Manzala Fish Farm in Dakahliya & (c) El Zawya Fish Farm in Kafr El Sheikh during the 2012/ 2013 season.