fish fillet

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: fillet - a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fishfish fillet - a longitudinal slice or boned side of a fish
slice, piece - a serving that has been cut from a larger portion; "a piece of pie"; "a slice of bread"
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Sources said that Captain (Retd) Safdar while being in NAB Rawalpindi custody was served with pulses but he demanded fish fillet. However, when Safdar's medicines came from his home, a fish fillet was also with it.
They found that replacing the batter mix with rice bran powder reduced the fat content of fried fish fillet portions.
Bombay Duck/Dak Ingredients Bombil fish fillet 6- 8 nos.
Then, you put your fine fish fillet directly on the plate from which it will be served.
by Ashish Dubash Try crisp fried fish fillet topped with sweet and sour sauce at Shang Thai.
For the fish fillet, you can use lapu-lapu, labahita or tilapia.
INGREDIENTS: 600g white fish fillet, skin removed (eg.
Today, even the neighborhood karinderya and turo-turo are serving sweet and sour fish fillet, breaded fish fillet with mayonnaise, and fish fillet con tausi.
1 Season the fish fillet with olive oil, salt and pepper.
Cut four large pieces of baking parchment or foil - they need to be big enough to make a parcel for each fish fillet. Spray each piece lightly with oil and place a fish fillet in the middle.
Marinate the Cream Dory fish fillet with salt, black pepper and lemon juice for 30 minutes.