fish for

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w>fish for

vi +prep obj
(lit)fischen; (with rod also) → angeln
(fig) complimentsfischen nach; they were fishing for informationsie waren auf Informationen aus
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There is no spot in the world where you can get more fishing, or where you can fish for a longer period.
First was Gary Tully with 4 fish for 13.3.7, which included the HSF of 7.13.3 from Cresswell.
Farming them requires wild fish for food, which is a wasteful loss of protein.
Fish for thyroid hormone assays were held at -80[degrees]C until analysis.
But in John 21 Jesus is not a catch-and-release angler since: a) he helps the disciples catch and kill exactly 153 fish; and b) he himself roasts some fish for an impromptu breakfast on the beach.
These studies suggest that there should be some rethinking of recommendations to eat fish for your heart.
The ancient Jews preferred fish for the meal which ushered in the Sabbath.
"At greatest risk of eating contaminated fish are sports fishermen, charterboat crews, and those who need to fish for food like some Native Americans, the poor, and recent immigrants to this country," says Tom Sinks of the CDC's Center for Environmental Health.
Their goal is to persuade the Department of Fish and Game to post multilingual signs on the piers warning about the dangers of eating too much fish from the bay and to force the Department of Health to test fish for the presence of toxins.
He suggests that scientists could use the technique to turn small fish species easily kept in captivity, such as mackerels, into brood fish for large, hard-to-keep species such as overfished bluefin tuna.--C.B.
study, however, the impact on reproductive success of a higher dose (4 ng/L E[E.sub.2]), one similar to that which would have caused complete reproductive failure in our study (5 ng/L E[E.sub.2]), was not tested because it was not possible to sex these fish for the pair-wise breeding setup used.
"This situation is globally non-sustainable and major ecological and economic damage is already visible." Indeed, nine of the world's 17 major fishing grounds are in serious decline, and four have been commercially "fished out." If this trend continues, the FAO foresees a shortfall of some 30 million tons of fish for human diets by the year 2000 - at a time when the planet's population is rising by about 100 million people annually.