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On the site of his orchards and vine-yards, of his proud mansion, of his very fish ponds, I have scrawled myself with half a hundred thousand eucalyptus trees.
He has planted flowers in my garden and put in a fish pond. He even fitted a new bathroom for me.
A minor child of Tangwani City was drowned into fish pond on Thursday evening.
A complaint was lodged with the Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) for allegedly taking money from nine fish pond licensees in Monyo Township by promising them an extension of their licenses for three more years.
Personnel of the Waste Management Office of the Valenzuela City government found the body of a woman wrapped in a blanket in a fish pond on Friday.
Stressed Fish Pond: The regression co-efficient for increase in total fish biomass on light penetration of water was found positive and highly significant (Step 1).
The three-member JIT, formed by the Supreme Court to probe role of Swati in alleged transfer of Islamabad police chief and properties in his possession, submitted three reports to the SC, one of which said Swati's encroachments include illegal constructions, fencings, pillars and a fish pond.
Taking notice of the wilderness of elephant den, fish pond and snake house in the park during a surprise, he said that these animals are the beauty of wildlife park.
Her body was discovered in a fish pond on Monday.Her widowed mother, Ms Rabera Moracha, said they are yet to determine the motive of the killing, although they suspect her former boyfriend, a body boda operator, planned it.
Shikarpur -- Four minors including three baby girls and one boy were drowned to death in a fish pond outside their village Faiz Muhammad Mangi, outskirts of Ghari Yasin tehsil of Shikarpur district, in the limits of Ghari Yasin police station, approximately 35 kilometers off, from here on Tuesday evening.
Tomas said some fish pond operators harvested their stocks earlier than schedule so these would not be affected by the low level of oxgen in the water.
It is held every year, and the theme for this year is "A Sky Full Of Stars." This year's gala dinner will be held on May 12 and will be located at the Fish Pond restaurant in Hsinchu.