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Of or being a wide-angle photographic lens that covers an angle of about 180°, producing a circular image with exaggerated foreshortening in the center and increasing distortion toward the periphery.
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Adj.1.fisheye - of or relating to a fisheye lens
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Tenders are invited for Perpetual licensing of atlassian fisheye and jira server software etc.
Panasonic latest introduced fisheye lens combined with a 3-Chip DLPao SOLID SHINE Laser projector will amaze visitors this year at GITEX.
Panasonic demonstrates its dome mapping solution using one fisheye lens at its pavilion at Gitex Technology Week.
It is a cleaning system that uses a water jet to clean the fisheye lenses that are used for these camera.
The ultra wide-angle perspective of fisheye lenses is ideal for the close focusing situations required underwater.
8 fisheye lens for 3 seconds on Fuji Reala 100 film, while I used the DSLR for close-up shots through a telescope.
Lens can create panoramic videos from a single camera with a fisheye or super fisheye lens allowing the creation of 360 like videos, no stitching required.
It is based on comparing multiple images, which are taken on the tablet by a camera with a fisheye lens, and uses the principle of triangulation in a manner similar to that applied in geodetic surveying.
For filmmakers and photographers who want the look and feel only possible with extreme wide angle and fisheye photography, the new Canon EF 8-15mm f/4L Fisheye USM is a world-class choice.
S3L includes multi-exposure HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging, 180-degree fisheye lens correction and a high performance CPU for intelligent video analytics.
National Security Technologies LLC's Argus Fisheye Velocimetry Probe, named after the all-seeing hundred-eyed giant from Greek mythology, tackles the challenge of capturing hundreds of velocity channels over more than half of the imploding sphere over many centimeters of travel.
This still and video camera comes with two back-to-back fisheye lenses--one on each side.