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A barbed metal hook used for catching fish.
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a barbed hook for catching fish.
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Noun1.fishhook - a sharp barbed hook for catching fishfishhook - a sharp barbed hook for catching fish
fishing gear, fishing rig, fishing tackle, tackle, rig - gear used in fishing
hook - a curved or bent implement for suspending or pulling something
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Mata kail
Haczyk wędkarski


[ˈfɪʃhʊk] Nanzuelo m
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n anzuelo
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And he also put into the hat certain schoolboy treasures of almost inestimable value -- among them a lump of chalk, an India-rubber ball, three fishhooks, and one of that kind of marbles known as a "sure 'nough crystal." Then he tiptoed his way cautiously among the trees till he felt that he was out of hearing, and straightway broke into a keen run in the direction of the sandbar.
Sitting on fishhook can bring home to you thee importance of tackle organization in nighttime angling.
Instead, scooter drivers must first drive ahead to the intersection to their right and make a "fishhook" maneuver in which they essentially drive in front of the zebra crossing and then make a hard turn to the left into a special box designated for those wanting to make a left turn.
'We objected to the event as we were worried that turtles may get hooked by the fishhook. We were also worried over rubbish that would be left behind by the participants particularly plastic bags.
From "Concrete Matters." Below: Haegue Yang, Thread with Fishhook, 1995-96, varnish, thread, and fishhook on chipboard, 107/b x 97/b".
He is credited, to varying degrees, with slowing down the sun to elongate summer days, pulling up islands with an enchanted fishhook (including some of those of the Hawaiian and New Zealand archipelagos), being able to transform into any bird (or climbing into a bird's body as a disguise), and bringing fire to humanity to enable the cooking of food.
One bag depicted a cat with a fishhook for a tail, another showed a giraffe with a light pole for a head.
Pink started her 90-minute set by singing her 2001 hit Get the party started after she was suspended above the crowds on a large fishhook. She said she was thankful that her fans were able to remember the lyrics to her tracks, which she had forgotten.
Computational results of the two vehicle driveline models are provided for two simulated maneuvers: a maneuver with increasing steering input and a fishhook maneuver.
Moana and her people will die unless she can find the demi-god, now a cast-away with nothing but his broken magical fishhook, and restore the ancient heart to its rightful owner.
A tiny, slender fishhook and a microscope so bulky it takes four people to lift it are among the artifacts now on display in a series of new exhibits at the Michigan Iron Industry Museum in Negaunee.