fishing season

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: season - the season during which it is legal to catch fishfishing season - the season during which it is legal to catch fish
season - a period of the year marked by special events or activities in some field; "he celebrated his 10th season with the ballet company"; "she always looked forward to the avocado season"
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Towards spring, however, the fishing season commenced - the season of plenty on the Columbia.
Muscat: Oman's lobster fishing season for 2018 started this month off the Sultanate's southeastern seaboards in the governorates of Dhofar, Al Wusta and South A'Sharqiyah.
Lobsters are considered one of the most valuable marine resources and its fishing season is an important economic activity for fishermen, especially those living in the coastal areas of the governorates.
It is beneficial to the country because since they started the closed fishing season, the once rare big fishtuna, salay-salay ginto (scad)are gradually coming back to the point that even the people in Gen San (General Santos City) are getting their tuna supply from Zamboanga peninsula, Piol said.
Pinol, who led the resumption of fishing operations midnight of March 1, said the government's imposition of the three-month closed fishing season enabled fishermen to hike their catch.
Bacolod City-- Illegal fishing continues at the country's biggest marine reserve in Sagay City, Negros Occidental, even during the closed fishing season which was enforced beginning last month, a pro-environment group and other stakeholders in Negros Occidental, reported.
KUWAIT, Aug 1 (KUNA) -- Acting Chairman of the Public Authority for Agriculture and Fish Resources (PAAFR) Towfeeq Al-Haddad announced on Monday that the shrimp fishing season will start as of August 1st in the international waters.
Possession of fresh salmon or sea trout after October 17 would most likely be unlawful, as the fishing season is between March and October to allow these fish to spawn.
Riyadh, Shawwal 12, 1436 AH, July 28, 2015, SPA --The Ministry of Agriculture, represented by the Ministry's Department for Fisheries, has set shrimp fishing season for the year 1436/1437 in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, as follows :
The Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries said in a statement issued Friday that the fishing season for bluefin tuna began on May 26 and runs until June 14, 2015, with the participation of 25 fishing units.
The fishing season for DCR's Waushacum Pond in Sterling is the same as Wachusett Reservoir and is similarly delayed.
ABOVE: a hunter prepares to bait his fur traps with skunk musk paste; BELOW: removing a pike from a fishing net during the spring fishing season.