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Noun1.Fishing smack - a vessel for fishingfishing smack - a vessel for fishing; often has a well to keep the catch alive
dragger, trawler - a fishing boat that uses a trawl net or dragnet to catch fish
vessel, watercraft - a craft designed for water transportation
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His father was a spare old man, his hands gnarled after the work of a lifetime, silent and upright; in the evening he read the paper aloud, while his wife and daughter (now married to the captain of a fishing smack), unwilling to lose a moment, bent over their sewing.
The fact that a mere "fishing smack" could disable an American warship with a single shot was proof of the American Navy's sad state.
On the outbreak of hostilities, a fishing smack came up the Rock channel, which was meant to be closed.
In her introduction, Eber notes that a disproportionate number understandably pertain to the expeditions that had the most interaction with Inuit: William Edward Parry's second voyage 1821-23 (to Igloolik), John Ross's second voyage 1829-33 (to the area of Thom Bay, halfway down the east coast of Boothia Peninsula), and Roald Amundsen's successful voyage in a fishing smack through the northwest passage 1903-6 (including his two winters on King William Island at what became the village of Gjoa Haven).
The surviving section continued to be used, but the end was sealed in 1890 when 300ft of the pier disappeared into the waves after it was hit by a fishing smack.
If he was in a hurry to go to Holland, he got a ride on a Dutch fishing smack and came back with offers that enabled his employers to beat out the competition and make big profits.
IN spite of the pitching and yawing aboard the fishing smack, the crew could sense something distinctly odd was caught in the nets they were hauling aboard.
Mr Mather bought a fishing smack Ensign and in July 1882, the first `Bethel Ship', sailed from Yarmouth, carrying warm woollen clothing, literature, bibles, tobacco and the all-important medical chest.