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of fisticuffs
to fight or strike with the fists
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(ˈfɪs tɪˌkʌf)

1. a cuff or blow with the fist.
2. fisticuffs, combat with the fists.
[1595–1605; earlier fisty cuff]
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References in classic literature ?
Some again would try a round at buffet and fisticuff; and thus by every variety of sport and exercise they perfected themselves in skill and made the band and its prowess well known throughout all England.
Among other offerings, we were permitted to handle the jewelled belt presented to the pugilist by the State of Nevada, a gold brick from the citizens of Sacramento, and a model of himself in solid silver from the Fisticuff Club in New York.
This was not the sort of thing country boys did when they played at fisticuffs, and Jake was furious.
Of course this is some of thy work." At this Sancho awoke, and feeling this mass almost on top of him fancied he had the nightmare and began to distribute fisticuffs all round, of which a certain share fell upon Maritornes, who, irritated by the pain and flinging modesty aside, paid back so many in return to Sancho that she woke him up in spite of himself.
A quarrel in the "Indian country", however, is not to be settled with fisticuffs. Lisa immediately rushed to his boat for a weapon.
Crisparkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisticuffs, and had attended two or three of their gloved gatherings.
He was much older than the Maypole man, being to all appearance five-and- forty; but was one of those self-possessed, hard-headed, imperturbable fellows, who, if they are ever beaten at fisticuffs, or other kind of warfare, never know it, and go on coolly till they win.
This clearly was not a case for fisticuffs, even apart from the very natural aversion I had to beat that Shadow--this wandering and tormented thing.
The prosecution said the accused assaulted the wife with kicks and fisticuffs.
Mario, Samus, Solid Snake), plus the option for eight-player Fisticuffs, makes perfect post-pub multiplayer - though online play isn't dependable and suffers irritating moments of lag.
'The matter later leads to fisticuffs between the couple which prompted Dorcas to flee to a co-tenant room.
Separately, in the remits of Sihala police, students of Roots School came to fisticuffs in the parking area for settling a quarrel.