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 (fĭch′o͞o) also fitch·et (-ĭt)
n. Archaic
The European polecat Mustela putorius or its fur.

[Middle English ficheux, possibly from Walloon ficheau, diminutive of Middle Dutch vitsche, visse.]
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"Because there is a little secret, a precaution I thought it desirable to take, one of Huret & Fitchet's locks, revised and improved by Gaspard Caderousse; I will manufacture you a similar one when you are a capitalist."
Hoose said that even former police Commissioner William Fitchet, who retired in 2014, conceded on the witness stand that in almost every excessive force case there is going to be a conflict between the officer's version of events and what the complaining party alleges happened.
The fast-growing sector is dominated by Intuitive Surgical and its da Vinci system."We want to take it to the next level, and if we manage to deliver a system which is built on making better decisions based on advanced analytics, analyzing every decision that was taken by every machine as it's done," Fitchet explained, "we bring the opportunity to bring the level of outcomes up as well, meaning every surgeon can get the results of those high operators in say the top 5% of their field," said Pruden.
Tommy Fitchet couldn't afford canvases and used any space he could find in his 23rd-floor council flat to practise.
Omar Taha, a 12-year-old student from the Universal American School of Dubai and three of his classmates, Karim Hani, Fiz Fitchet and Emma Castelot, have carried out a survey on about 240 students from their school in Grades 6 to 8 to find out how widespread the problem of bullying on social media is.