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fit 1

v. fit·ted or fit, fit·ted, fit·ting, fits
a. To be the proper size and shape for: These shoes fit me.
b. To cause to be the proper size and shape: The tailor fitted the trousers by shortening them.
c. To measure for proper size: She fitted me for a new jacket.
2. To be appropriate to; suit: music that fits your mood.
3. To be in conformity or agreement with: observations that fit the theory nicely.
4. To make suitable; adapt: fitted the shelves for large books. See Synonyms at adapt.
5. To make ready; prepare: Specialized training fitted her for the job.
6. To equip; outfit: fit out a ship.
7. To provide a place or time for: You can't fit any more toys in the box. The doctor can fit you in today.
8. To insert or adjust so as to be properly in place: fit a handle on a door.
1. To be the proper size and shape.
2. To be suited; belong: doesn't fit in with these people.
3. To be in harmony; agree: His good mood fit in with the joyful occasion.
adj. fit·ter, fit·test
1. Suited, adapted, or acceptable for a given circumstance or purpose: not a fit time for flippancy.
2. Appropriate; proper: Do as you see fit.
3. Physically sound; healthy: keeps fit with diet and exercise.
4. Biology Able to survive and produce viable offspring in a particular environment
1. The state, quality, or way of being fitted: the proper fit of means to ends.
2. The manner in which clothing fits: a jacket with a tight fit.
3. The degree of precision with which surfaces are adjusted or adapted to each other in a machine or collection of parts.
fit to be tied
Roused to great anger or indignation; outraged.
fit to kill Slang
To an extreme or elaborate degree: dressed up fit to kill.

[Middle English fitten, to be suitable, marshal troops.]

fit′ly adv.
fit′ter n.

fit 2

1. Medicine
a. A seizure or convulsion, especially one caused by epilepsy.
b. A sudden physical outburst: a fit of coughing; a fit of laughter.
c. A sudden, involuntary physical reaction: a fit of shivering; a fit of cramps.
d. A sudden, involuntary mental experience: a fit of amnesia; a fit of déjà vu.
2. A sudden outburst of emotion: a fit of jealousy.
3. A sudden period of vigorous activity.
by (or in) fits and starts
With irregular intervals of action and inaction; intermittently.

[Middle English, hardship, probably from Old English fitt, struggle.]

fit 3

n. Archaic
A section of a poem or ballad.

[Middle English, from Old English.]


1. designed for excellent fit: a fitted suit.
2. (Furniture) (of a carpet) cut, sewn, or otherwise adapted to cover a floor completely
3. (Furniture)
a. (of furniture) built to fit a particular space: a fitted cupboard.
b. (of a room) equipped with fitted furniture: a fitted kitchen.
4. (Furniture) (of sheets) having ends that are elasticated and shaped to fit tightly over a mattress
5. having accessory parts


(ˈfɪt ɪd)

made so as to follow closely the contours of a form or shape: fitted sheets.
fit′ted•ness, n.
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Adj.1.fitted - being the right size and shape to fit as desired; "a fitted overcoat"; "he quickly assembled the fitted pieces"


1. tailored, shaped baggy trousers with fitted jackets
2. built-in, permanent I've recarpeted our bedroom and added fitted wardrobes.
3. suited She was ill fitted to my ideal of a mother.
4. (often with with) equipped, provided, supplied, set up, appointed, outfitted, furnished, rigged out, accoutred Bedrooms are fitted with alarm pull cords.


Satisfying certain requirements, as for selection:


[ˈfɪtɪd] ADJ
1. (= made to measure) [jacket, shirt] → entallado; [sheet] → de cuatro picos
fitted carpetalfombra f de pared a pared, moqueta f (Sp)
2. (= integral) [cupboards] → empotrado
fitted bathroomcuarto m de baño con todos los elementos
fitted kitchencocina f con armarios empotrados, cocina f integral
3. (= suited) to be fitted to do sthestar capacitado para hacer algo, reunir las cualidades necesarias para hacer algo
he is well fitted to be kingreune todas las cualidades necesarias para ser rey
she wasn't fitted for the role of motherhoodno estaba capacitada para desempeñar la labor de madre


[ˈfɪtɪd] adj
(= tailored) → ajusté(e)
[wardrobe, unit] → encastré(e)
to be well fitted to do sth (= suited) [person] → être vraiment fait(e) pour faire qch
fitted with (= equipped with) → équipé(e) defitted carpet (British) nmoquette ffitted kitchen n (British)cuisine f équipéefitted sheet ndrap-housse m


to be fitted with something (room, vehicle)mit etw ausgestattet sein; a car fitted with a catalytic converter/an alarmein Auto mit (eingebautem) Katalysator/(eingebauter) Alarmanlage; to be fitted as standardzur serienmäßigen Ausstattung gehören
(= built-in)Einbau-; bedroom, bathroommit Einbauelementen; fitted wardrobe/cupboardEinbauschrank m; fitted unitsEinbauelemente pl; fitted kitchenEinbauküche f
(= tailored) jacket, shirttailliert; fitted carpet (Brit) → Teppichboden m; fitted sheetSpannbetttuch nt
(form: = suited) to be fitted to do somethingsich dazu eignen, etw zu tun; he is well/ill fitted to be kinger eignet sich gut/schlecht zum König; to be fitted for or to a tasksich für eine Aufgabe eignen; these school-leavers are ill fitted for workdiese Schulabgänger sind nicht auf das Arbeitsleben vorbereitet


[ˈfɪtɪd] adj (garment) → modellato/a
fitted carpet → moquette f inv
fitted cupboards → armadi mpl a muro
fitted kitchen (Brit) → cucina componibile
fitted sheet → lenzuolo con gli angoli
References in classic literature ?
So a tray was fitted out before anyone began, and taken up with the cook's compliments.
At the promised time he had the canoes and paddlers on hand and the goods safely stowed away while one big craft was fitted up as comfortably as possible for the men of the party.
We hung it with the gingerbread animals, strings of popcorn, and bits of candle which Fuchs had fitted into pasteboard sockets.
Each house consisted of two compartments, and each family at Lebrun's possessed a compartment for itself, fitted out with all the essential paraphernalia of the bath and whatever other conveniences the owners might desire.
A third wore trappings and arms of an officer of the staff; while the rest, from the plainness of the housings, and the traveling mails with which they were encumbered, were evidently fitted for the reception of as many menials, who were, seemingly, already waiting the pleasure of those they served.
It has already been observed, that, in the basement story of the gable fronting on the street, an unworthy ancestor, nearly a century ago, had fitted up a shop.
I had not a little relied on Queequeg's sagacity to point out the whaler best fitted to carry us and our fortunes securely.
The timbers beneath are of a peculiar strength, fitted to sustain the weight of an almost solid mass of brick and mortar, some ten feet by eight square, and five in height.
After breakfast he came and fitted me with a bridle.
She was so sensitive--she was not fitted for such a life as this; and a hundred times a day, when he thought of her, he would clench his hands and fling himself again at the task before him.