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Adj.1.five-petaled - (of flowers) having five petals
petaled, petalled, petalous - (of flowers) having petals
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Shooting stars display sweptback, five-petaled flowers -- in white, pink or light purple -- at the top of leafless stems.
as an ornamental for its water lily-like, heart-shaped leaves and bright five-petaled flowers.
He means rather that since true loves, both flowers and women, are falsifications, perverse mutations of nature, and since the normal woman, represented by the five-petaled rose, is inevitably false, promiscuous, in nature, he prefers the ordinary to the unusual kind of falseness and proposes to justify his preference by his own poetic art.
Pansy Annual These low-growing plants (6 to 10 inches tall) with five-petaled flowers are top sellers year after year for good reason.
Hibiscus fills summer days with large, usually single, five-petaled flowers, bringing a tropical look to the landscape.
BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS Its five-petaled flowers of bright coral pink splashed with crimson practically glow when they first open; they're single and huge (about 3 1/2 in.
He found an isolated patch of short, hairy, fleshy-leaved plants with small, bright blue, single, five-petaled rows of blossoms.
Its heart-shaped leaves float on the water surface and five-petaled white flowers rise on little stalks above the leaves.
The sea glistens "like crumpled aluminium." The "hard, nubby buds" of salmonberries open into five-petaled hot-pink flowers about the diameter of a quarter"--evoking both a young woman's pubescence, in all its beauty and vulnerability, and the white man's economy.
The skeletons display a five-petaled dorsal design, but the ventral side of the test, or shell, is engraved with lines that radiate from the mouth and reach the rim.
They range in height from approximately four inches to six feet tall and display five-petaled yellow flowers with a spray of stamens in the middle.