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Adj.1.five-petalled - (of flowers) having five petals
petaled, petalled, petalous - (of flowers) having petals
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The exquisite model on the left shows the five-petalled mango flower magnified ten times.
The Asean stamp depicts 10 flags of the Asean-member countries, curled like a five-petalled flower and held by a handshake to symbolise consensus-building and friendship in the region.
In pride of place is a pot hosting a tall 'Mickey Mouse' plant (, which has five-petalled flowers, and whose bract and seeds resemble the Disney cartoon figure's face after the yellow petals fall off).
Drawing an interesting parallel between the two worlds of fashion and flowers, the brand splendidly captures the delicate softness of plump blooms in five-petalled, perfectly facetted, coloured stones.
Black-eyed Susan, Thunbergia alata, is a popular addition to the summer garden and is particularly good for hanging baskets and small containers, where it can scramble through other plants, only really showing itself when its small five-petalled yellow flowers, with the chocolate-purple centres, pop their heads out into the summer sunshine.