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Adj.1.five-sided - having five sides
many-sided, multilateral - having many parts or sides
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The most common form for the construction of a house is five-sided or pentagonal, as in the annexed figure.
Then he began making loops and figures of eight with his body, and soft, oozy triangles that melted into squares and five-sided figures, and coiled mounds, never resting, never hurrying, and never stopping his low humming song.
Collaboration in the space sphere may be one of the new areas of five-sided cooperation.
Which five-sided building is the headquarters of the US Defense Department?
The machine can perform heavy-duty cutting, combined milling and drilling and five-sided machining in a single setup.
Some chambers are five-sided and their arrangement is random.
The 75-storey building is also touted as the world's tallest five-sided building .
It features a new five-sided grille whose edges form 'blades' connecting to swept-back headlights, new curved wheel arches and rear haunches and new taillights.
I propose to organize in 2016 full-scale five-sided drills of emergency response services which will allow practicing the procedures of notification and coordination of rescue teams," said Putin, Kazinform news agency reported.
A journalist, wearing slippers to protect the glass floor, stands in the 'Step into the Void' installation, a new five-sided glass structure at the top of the Alps, during a press visit to the Aiguille du Midi mountain peak above Chamonix.
Dawson Shanahan's newly acquired Triflex Modular multi-station CNC machining centre offers simultaneous five-sided machining without re-clamping, a turret with up to eight tools, tool changes during the machining process, extremely short chip-to-chip time, and separate loading and unloading stations.
The battle centered on a simple five-sided blender jar that Dickson created literally during that holiday weekend, and it became a court case resulting in a multi-million dollar settlement.