fix together


w>fix together

vt sepzusammenmachen (inf)
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"This is your state, this is our communities, and this is our problem we're trying to fix together," Morrison said.
The hospital has been an emotive topic of conversation for decades so lets not dismiss that strength of diverse mindsets just to cobble a quick fix together.
There is too much we need to fix together with the next generation.
Meanwhile, investigators are trying to fix together a newly learnt mystery of a last ping from a satellite that is said to have been sent from the missing Malaysian jet.
He continued: "Their house is already built, but it has been constructed in Latvia and we're just waiting for it to be sent across in parts that will fix together. Hopefully Robert and Sally's house will be finished and be on site by Christmas."
"But this we have to fix together with the Association and make it clear that financial compensation is not exactly what is foreseen in such cases.