fixed asset

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fixed′ as′set

a long-term asset, as a tract of land.
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com, a mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) fixed asset management platform has been appointed by AirAsia Berhad to optimise the management and life cycle of their fixed assets across all its operations, the company said.
Historically, fixed assets have received little audit scrutiny and, as a result, some major financial frauds have been perpetrated through significant misstatements of fixed asset balances in the financial statements of public companies.
While most supported additional flexibility, many also said that neither the 5% aggregate threshold or the Fixed Asset Management process were needed," NCUA Board Vice Chairman Rick Metsger said.
This new system automates and centralises a fixed asset register that was historically stored on separate spreadsheets with no means of automated reconciliation.
With the addition of fixed asset management capabilities, Jenzabar EX 2.
We are beginning to see features that will be incorporated into the next generation of fixed asset software.
Six key business processes must be modified and connected to implement this transaction-based approach: acquisition planning and contract writing; receipt, acceptance, and pay and work in process; military equipment valuation; asset accountability; fixed asset accounting; and financial reporting.
The software can filter, sort, find, and process millions of fixed asset records in seconds, helping to identify unnecessary expenses.
This, however, leads to other questions, such as whether test runs of a new plant are start-up costs or costs to get the fixed asset ready for its intended use.
This view grossly underestimates the administrative burden to account for the addition or deletion of the assets from fixed asset ledgers, to compute the proper depreciation under multiple tax regimes, and to calculate the proper gain or loss under the various tax regimes on disposition of the fixed assets.
Therefore, to use the fixed asset portion of the balance sheet in the calculation of return on assets is going to require making an adjustment to the total asset value.
Tenders are invited for Providing a fixed asset inventory system and related asset inventory services.