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A house or other dwelling that is badly in need of repair, usually for sale at a low price.
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Noun1.fixer-upper - a house or other dwelling in need of repair (usually offered for sale at a low price)
dwelling, dwelling house, habitation, home, abode, domicile - housing that someone is living in; "he built a modest dwelling near the pond"; "they raise money to provide homes for the homeless"
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2) With three wildly successful seasons now under their belts, husband-and-wife team Chip and Joanna Gaines help homebuyers purchase fixer-upper houses and turn them into the home of their dreams.
But that still doesn't make buying a fixer-upper a walk in the park for first-timers.
Bill Sheppard at Brown Harris Stevens had listed the three story fixer-upper at 31 2nd Street for $1,600,000.
Saint- Gobain has now selected a possibly spectacular fixer-upper, an $80 million-plus expansion of the once-innovative but now-rusted and vacant complex constructed in 1969 by the former National Liberty Life Insurance Co.
Detroit tops a new list of top-15 cities for buying fixer-upper bargains, according to data released by RealtyTrac LLC, Irvine, California, in early June.
Last January, David Gonzalez, 35, of Hoffman, was tearing insulation in the garage of a 10,100 dollar fixer-upper when he noticed old newspapers and comic book pages lining the wall, the New York Daily News reported.
Their decision to move to the suburbs to a fixer-upper that will test their marriage makes for a fun and fast-paced account designed to keep readers involved and laughing.
Written by spec rehab professional Lawrence Dworin, Profits in Buying & Renovating Homes is an in-depth guide to buying, repairing, and selling fixer-upper homes.
Although Kerri was busy working as a typesetter for Black Entertainment Television's magazine department and running her own small business, and Darryl was toiling away as a deputy sheriff and a reservist in the Air Force Reserves, they weren't too busy to notice a fixer-upper.
And, even though he'd sworn off buying another fixer-upper, Malouf decided he would save the home and restore the castle to its former glory.
Waterfront listings in the North Bay area are scarce with few fixer-upper steals on the market as many Lake Nipissing camp-style properties are being renovated into more seasonal and year-round homes.