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tr.v. flab·ber·gast·ed, flab·ber·gast·ing, flab·ber·gasts
To cause to be overcome with astonishment; astound. See Synonyms at surprise.

[Origin unknown.]


adj pred (inf)unglaublich
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Zaman jumped six places to reach career-best 11th position owing to a flabbergasting performance in recent series against New Zealand in which he scored 88 and 65 respectively while the third match was cancelled due to heavy rain.
It is flabbergasting that a food surplus country has excess food to donate but its most vulnerable communities cannot afford to eat.
'Utterance of such harsh remarks merely on the basis of newspaper's clipping is flabbergasting. PTI has assigned this task to vice-chairman Shah Mehmmod Qureshi.
The former freelance journalist made the "flabbergasting" claim to Helen Callanan, news editor of the now defunct Sunday Tribune - for which he was covering the murder case - in 1996.
Well if this sounds flabbergasting to you, Mr Obama, your policies over the last decade appear flabbergasting to us, the world over.
A TOP North police officer has branded the acquittal of a life prisoner who stabbed three guards "incomprehensible, unbelievable and flabbergasting".