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 (flə-bĕl′ĭt, flăb′ə-lāt′) also fla·bel·li·form (flə-bĕl′ə-fôrm′)

[Latin flābellum, fan; see flabellum + -ate.]
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Tibial apophysis flabelliform, with broad blunt end, inner and dorsal surface of apophysis dotted with minute denticles (Figs 129-131); embolus attached to bulb prolaterally, with sharp initial and distal bends, gradually narrowing from base to tip (Fig.
1C), with a very convex frons, short antennae, pointed apical segment, siphunculi varying in shape and size and short or very short, blunt claviform or flabelliform setae.
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