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n. pl. fla·bel·la (-bĕl′ə)
A fan-shaped anatomical structure.

[Latin flābellum, fan, diminutive of flābra, breeze, from flāre, to blow; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]
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n, pl -la (-lə)
1. (Zoology) a fan-shaped organ or part, such as the tip of the proboscis of a honeybee
2. (Roman Catholic Church) RC Church a large ceremonial fan
[C19: from Latin: small fan, from flābra breezes, from flāre to blow]
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(fləˈbɛl əm)

n., pl. -bel•la (-ˈbɛl ə)
1. a fan, esp. one used in religious ceremonies.
2. Biol. a fan-shaped organ or part.
[1865–70; < Latin flābellum fan, diminutive of flābra breezes, derivative of flā(re) to blow2]
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(34) The neovascular growths typically produce a sea fan shape, similar to the marine invertebrate Gorgottia flabellum (see Figure S).
Basis with large flabellum and long apical calamus and shorter apical canna; calamus furnished with finely serrated membranes; canna with finely serrated posterior margin.
and a flabellum of palms y un ventalle de palmas te aireo
% CFE 2007 Zygochlamys patagonica 54.57 54.57 Porifera 6.30 60.87 Ctenodiscus australis 6.11 66.98 Austrocidciris canaliculata 5.94 72.92 Ophiactis asperula 5.78 78.70 Flabellum curvatum 4.50 83.20 Asteriidae 4.36 87.56 Actinostola crassicornis 4.35 91.92 IFE 2007 Zygochlamys patagonica 44.79 44.79 Porifera 13.17 57.96 Ophiacantha vivipara 6.62 64.58 Actinostola crassicornis 6.30 70.88 Asteriidae 6.22 77.10 Flabellum curvatum 4.18 81.28 Ctenodiscus australis 3.87 85.15 Fusitriton magellanicus 2.86 88.00 Ophiactis asperula 2.07 90.08 TABLE 2.
Elytra wider than pronotum; elytron relatively long, approximately 1.8 times as long as wide, pubescence directed postero-laterally; postero-lateral margins almost straight; hind wings fully developed; flabellum with 10-11 setose lobes.
prolifera, Halimeda incrassata and Udotea flabellum. Macrophyte vegetation was usually much more abundant and continuous than in Chelem, forming a multi-species canopy.
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The most abundant species in this sample are Baltoniodus navis (Lindstrom) and Microzarkodina flabellum Lindstrom.
Mortandad de Gorgonia flabellum Linnaeus (Octocorallia: Gorgoniidae) en la costa Caribe de Costa Rica.