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 (flăs′ĭd, flăk′sĭd)
1. Lacking firmness; hanging limply: flaccid muscles.
2. Lacking force, vigor, or effectiveness: a flaccid acting performance.

[Latin flaccidus, from flaccus, flabby.]

flac·cid′i·ty (-sĭd′ĭ-tē), flac′cid·ness n.
flac′cid·ly adv.
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Noun1.flaccidity - a flabby softness
softness - the property of giving little resistance to pressure and being easily cut or molded
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[flækˈsɪdɪtɪ] Nflaccidez f
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Buyers of the Middlemarch newspapers found themselves in an anomalous position: during the agitation on the Catholic Question many had given up the "Pioneer"--which had a motto from Charles James Fox and was in the van of progress-- because it had taken Peel's side about the Papists, and had thus blotted its Liberalism with a toleration of Jesuitry and Baal; but they were ill-satisfied with the "Trumpet," which--since its blasts against Rome, and in the general flaccidity of the public mind (nobody knowing who would support whom)--had become feeble in its blowing.
During the next few days (hospital days nine to eleven) he remained globally aphasic with RUE flaccidity. He would awaken but was unable to follow commands.
On arrival to the ED physical exam revealed flaccidity in right upper and lower extremities.
These features, within the lung, can result in flaccidity of small airways and terminal bronchioles, predisposing to premature airway closure, obstruction, and air trapping leading to degenerative changes and emphysema, which may be the main mechanism for pneumothorax in these individuals [8].
The imbalance of arterial inflow and outflow may be caused by disturbances in the mechanism controlling penile detumescence and the maintenance of penile flaccidity due to excess release of contractile neurotransmitter, malfunction of the intrinsic detumescence mechanism, obstruction of draining venules, or prolonged relaxation of intracavernosal smooth muscle (4).
MG is generally diagnosed as "flaccidity syndrome" in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Mice were scored every other day according to Stromnes and Goverman [16] scale to assess clinical scores: 0, no sign of clinical disease; 0.5, partial tail paralysis (loss of tone on the tip of the tail); 1, tail flaccidity; 1.5, hind limb weakness; 2, paresis in one hind limb; 2.5, paresis in one hind limb and weakness in the other; 3, complete hind limb paralysis; 3.5, paresis in hind limbs and in one forelimb; 4, total limb paralysis; and 5, moribund or death.
Bell pepper fruit, due to its short shelf life, is susceptible to flaccidity, wilting, shriveling, fungal diseases, and decay These problems reduce premium price in market and consumer acceptance after harvest [2].
The oral changes associated with advanced age are further aggravating factors of this condition, such as soft tissue injury and flaccidity, dry mouth, and coated tongue.
Megaesophagus is an esophageal dysfunction resulting from atony of the esophageal musculature characterized by flaccidity and luminal dilation, as a consequence of segmental or diffused motor dysfunction of the esophageal body (TORRES, 1997).
Moreover, symptoms like loss of motor activity, paralysis and flaccidity were observed.