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flack 1

 (flăk) Informal
A press agent; a publicist.
v. flacked, flack·ing, flacks
To act as a press agent: flacking for a movie studio.
To act as a press agent for; promote: authors who tour the country flacking their books.

[Perhaps after Gene Flack, a movie press agent in the 1920s and 1930s.]

flack′er·y n.

flack 2

Variant of flak.
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(Marketing) journalism the action of press agents, promotional activity
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Barnum's brand of promotional showman buncombe; the 'What Makes Sammy Run' world of sleazy press a gentry; and companies using cheap publicity stunts and similar gimmicky flackery to sell products.
But despite the flackery of the Spy, Worcester coal was not as efficient or clean burning as Pennsylvania coal and when the mine became flooded on a regular basis, it was shut down and abandoned.
What a joke he seemed to be: a man of obscure Midwestern origins, graduate of a no-name college, who parlayed his odd jobs as lifeguard and radio announcer into a minor acting career and then into lucrative flackery for General Electric and a stint in California politics.
Flackery requires putting together credible narratives from pools of verifiable data.