flag down

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Verb1.flag down - signal to stop; "Let's flag down a cab--it's starting to rain"; "The policeman flagged down our car"
stop - cause to stop; "stop a car"; "stop the thief"
يُلَوِّح للسَيّاره بالوُقوف
mávat na auto
veifa í til aî stöîva
durması için işaret etmek

w>flag down

vt sep taxi etc, personanhalten


(flӕg) noun
a piece of cloth with a particular design representing a country, party, association etc. the French flag.
ˈflag-pole / ˈflagstaff nouns
the pole on which a flag is hung.
flag down verbpast tense, past participle flagged
to wave at (a car etc) in order to make it stop. We flagged down a taxi.
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The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) maintained that traffic constables would still flag down erring motorists, contrary to text messages that circulated on Friday claiming otherwise.
A group of taxi operators want the current flag down rate P40 raised by P10 to cushion the impact of higher excise taxes on oil petroleum products with the implementation of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law.
The pair's journey ended when they had to flag down a passing motorist to ask how to turn on the vehicle's headlights.
00 discount of air-conditioned taxi flag down nationwide.
The men had chased the suspects down St Nicholas Street and onto the High Level Bridge where they stopped to flag down the officers.
If we're to take our flag down then take your flag down in Dublin.
DESPERATE mum Caroline Coyne stood in the road as she tried but failed to flag down a bus shortly before she was murdered, a jury heard yesterday.
They ran a Union Flag down the pole and tried to set it ablaze but it didn't catch fire.
According to police sources, the Arab expatriate woman in her 50s used to flag down vehicles pretending to beg and snatch valuables from passengers or knock at doors of houses and get away with valuables after distracting the victims.