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Excessive or fanatical patriotism; chauvinism.

flag′-wav′er n.


a. an emotional appeal or display intended to arouse patriotic or nationalistic feeling
b. (as modifier): a flag-waving speech.
ˈflag-ˌwaver n


an ostentatiously emotional display of patriotism or factionalism.
flag′-wav`er, n.
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Adj.1.flag-waving - fanatically patrioticflag-waving - fanatically patriotic    
patriotic, loyal - inspired by love for your country


[ˈflægˌweɪvɪŋ] N (fig) → patriotismo m de banderita
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Flag-wavers are out there during the coldest ever Olympics, the rightists waving Korean and American flags, leftists and liberals those one-Korea flags, the Korean Peninsula in blue on a white field.
But since when do the flag and the National Anthem belong only to flag-wavers and the military?
The British Nationalist Party and the most backward Union Flag-wavers in Ulster must have loved it all.
In the event flag-wavers had to wait until the final 15 minutes before unfurling their Union Flags - and there were hundreds of them, fluttering madly in the hall, with the occasional Cross of St George and even a Swedish flag among the sea of red, white and blue.
This is the age of the flag-wavers, emboldened by numbers, singing 'No Surrender' and longing for conflict.
17 (BNA): The Kingdom of Cambodia celebrated its national day at the Milan Expo on Sunday with a colourful parade led by groups of percussionists and flag-wavers.
If we don't at least try to help our veterans and our active-duty servicemen and women, to whom we owe so much, we deserve the same contempt that Sassoon heaped on the mindless flag-wavers of his own day, at the end of the poem I just quoted:
As their Celebration in the City concert proved, it brought out families, flag-wavers, kilted warriors, and fans from around the world in their droves.
"She appears precision-made, machine-made." Surely not even the fawning flag-wavers could argue with the accuracy of her statements.
People need to see proof of what they are told, for inversely, if they do not see it, grandiloquent announcements that do not deliver, will only serve to heighten the cynicism with which the public regard politicians, flag-wavers and bureaucrats.
4 The folks at Strike Industries are a bunch of proud flag-wavers, and they've molded Old Glory into some fine, tough polymer and slim-profile 1911 grips.