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Plural of flagellum.


(fləˈdʒɛl əm)

n., pl. -gel•la (-ˈdʒɛl ə)
1. Biol. a long lashlike appendage serving as an organ of locomotion in protozoa, sperm cells, etc.
2. Bot. a runner.
3. the upper portion of the antenna of an insect.
4. a whip or lash.
[1800–10; < Latin: whip]
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The alga was chosen not because of its colour or the two flagella it uses to swim but because, of all the primary producers in the aquatic environment at the the lowest level of the food chain of the food chain, it is the one whose genome has been fully sequenced.
The fusion protein also contains flagellin (FliC), a peptide found in nearly all bacteria with flagella (lash-like appendages) that acts as a strong catalyst when administered together with other antigens or foreign substances that induce an immune response in the body.
Using field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), we first investigated the morphology (typology and topology) of cuticular sensilla on both the medial and lateral flagella of the antennules, with special attention paid to the aesthetasc sensilla.
Their topics include post-translational modifications of tubulin and cilia, the central apparatus of cilia and eukaryotic flagella, transition zone migration: a mechanism for cytoplasmic ciliogenesis and postaxonemal centriole elongation, primary cilia and mammalian hedgehog signaling, G-protein-coupled receptor signaling in cilia, ciliary mechanisms of cyst formation in polycystic kidney disease, sperm sensory signaling, cilia and ciliopathies in congenital heart disease, photoreceptor cilia and retinal ciliopathies, and the evolution of cilia.
Objective: The centriole is the largest evolutionary conserved macromolecular structure responsible for building centrosomes and cilia or flagella in many eukaryotes.
blattarum is usually round, oval, or pyriform, with size range from approximately 15 to 40 [micro]m, with a tuft of flagella extending from the anterior end of the organism.
In this workflow, bacterial isolates are cultured overnight, resuspended in water, and then flagella are captured and tryptically digested on a syringe filter.
hominis showing an undulating membrane, the flagella, and a rapid forward motion (Figure 4).
However, Col Christian Flagella told iTele TV station that the area can become "relatively dangerous" under certain conditions.
Virulence of Aeromonads is considered to be multifactorial including cytotonic heat-labile (alt), and cytotonic heat-stable enterotoxins (ast), cytotoxic heat-labile enterotoxin (act), hemolysin (hly), aerolysin (aei), flagella A and flagella B (fla), lipase (lip), elastase (ela), serine protease (ser), and DNases (exu) [8].
2-5) Detailed analyses of hyperactivated flagellar movement suggest that the large bends at the proximal midpiece result from the increase in the total amount of sliding between the doublet microtubule of the sperm flagella.