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Of or relating to a flagellum.
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(fləˈdʒɛl ər)

adj. Biol.
of or pertaining to a flagellum.
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(1989) Ultra structural analysis of the flagellar apparatus in sperm cells of Ginkgo biloba.
Antennae filiform, as long (females) or about half as long again (males) as the head and pronotum together, 20 flagellar segments.
These stable, paired dances are caused by the undulating flagellar motion of each algal colony and by the peculiar fluid flows near the glass coverslip, where the Volvox prefer to swim.
The flagellar (H), lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and outer membrane protein (OMP) antigens of Salmonella Typhi were extracted and used to test patient sera for antibodies by immunoblotting Results: Immunoblotting using S.
This protein specifically localizes to the flagellar pocket, thought to be the sole site of cell sensory functions as well as endo- and exocytosis in this stage of parasite growth.
coli based on the bacterium's somatic (O) and flagellar (H) antigens (Fig.
M interferes with the normal spermatogenic cycle in mice (Contreras & Bustos-Obregon) after a single dose and at intervals from 4 to 26 days; resulting in increased teratozoospermia and acrosomal and flagellar damage.
As noted above, this basic distinction in flagellar blade number has long been used to separate chernetid taxa, commencing with Beier (1932, 1933) who used flagellar number to diagnose the tribes Chernetini and Hesperochernetini within the Chernetinae.
Light microscope observations revealed changes of the pear-shaped aspect of the cell and reduction of flagellar beating frequency in the great part of the trophozoites.
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