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 (flăj′ə-lĕt′, -lā′)
A small flutelike instrument with a cylindrical mouthpiece, four finger holes, and two thumbholes.

[French, diminutive of Old French flajol, flute, from Vulgar Latin *flābeolum, possibly alteration of Latin flābellum, diminutive of flābrum, gust of wind, from flāre, to blow; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]


(Instruments) a high-pitched musical instrument of the recorder family having six or eight finger holes
[C17: from French, modification of Old French flajolet a little flute, from flajol flute, from Vulgar Latin flabeolum (unattested), from Latin flāre to blow]


(ˈflædʒəˌleɪ) or

flageolet bean

1. (Cookery) the pale green immature seed of a haricot bean, cooked and eaten as a vegetable
2. (Plants) the pale green immature seed of a haricot bean, cooked and eaten as a vegetable
[C19: from French fageolet, from Latin phaseolus bean; perhaps influenced by flageolet1]


(ˌflædʒ əˈlɛt, -ˈleɪ)

a small end-blown flute that has four finger holes in front and two in the rear.
[1650–60; < French]
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Noun1.flageolet - a French bean variety with light-colored seeds; usually dried
common bean - any of numerous beans eaten either fresh or dried
2.flageolet - a small fipple flute with four finger holes and two thumb holesflageolet - a small fipple flute with four finger holes and two thumb holes
fipple flute, fipple pipe, vertical flute, recorder - a tubular wind instrument with 8 finger holes and a fipple mouthpiece
tabor pipe - a small fipple flute that is played with the left hand while the right hand is free to beat a tabor


[ˌflædʒəˈlet] Nflageolet m flauta dulce de seis u ocho agujeros
References in classic literature ?
The band consisted of a fiddle, a clarionet, and a flageolet from the Blind Asylum.
The fiddle and the flageolet were neither of them interesting; their faces were of the ordinary type among the blind--earnest, attentive, and grave.
The fiddle and the flageolet took a deep interest in bottles and glasses; at the end of a country-dance, they hung their instruments from a button on their reddish-colored coats, and stretched out their hands to a little table set in the window recess to hold their liquor supply.
"Come, strike up, Daddy Canard!" added the flageolet, and the three began to play.
He waved away the glass of wine handed to him by the flageolet, and bowed his head.
In the smaller public-houses, fiddles with all their might and main were squeaking out the tune to staggering feet; drunken men, oblivious of the burden of their song, joined in a senseless howl, which drowned the tinkling of the feeble bell and made them savage for their drink; vagabond groups assembled round the doors to see the stroller woman dance, and add their uproar to the shrill flageolet and deafening drum.
At night, mere ordinary acquaintances were bidden, and dancing went on till very late, formerly to the music of one violin, but for the last six years Monsieur Godard, who was a great flute player, contributed the piercing tones of a flageolet to the festivity.
We have a great many flutes and flageolets, but not often the sound of any fife.
4 boneless chicken breasts; 1 large onion, chopped; 2 cloves garlic, chopped; 2x400g cans chopped tomatoes; 400g can flageolet beans, drained; 30ml chopped parsley, optional; salt and freshly ground black pepper.
For my main course I plumped for gourmet sausages and garlic mash with flageolet beans and tomato sauce.