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A man who is employed as a flagger.


n, pl -men
a person who has charge of, carries, or signals with a flag, esp a railway employee


(ˈflæg mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who signals with or carries a flag.
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It was also claimed the third flagman, who had moved on to the racing surface, was seen very late, even by fourth-placed rider Will Kennedy.
There is a "regional fascination with flagmen", says Munn, and where there is a machine, many clients want a flagman.
Work will also include abandonment and/or removal of the existing piping and manholes as specified, compliance with permit conditions, bypass pumping for sanitary mains, maintenance of traffic in accordance with City of West Palm Beach and FEC Railway standards, restoration in accordance with the City and FEC standards, providing an onsite archeologist and arborist for portions of the construction, providing flagman, close coordination with FEC, Woodlawn Cemetery, and property owners as required, and any other items depicted on the drawings and described in these documents and referenced materials.
I was looking at the flagman, expecting him to wave a false start, but he didn't.
For the next two months at Kempton's all-weather meetings, the flagman will work alongside the new starter's automated recall/false-start system that involves a siren and flashing lights approximately a furlong down the track from the stalls.
The flagman actually waved a yellow flag - which means stop the race - by mistake but because of the low sun the jockeys couldn't really tell which flag he was waving anyway.
There is the flagman on "Road Crew," another guy "wrestling a pipe in a ditch," the lonely woman in the "terrycloth bathrobe with a tear.
Mandela was a flagman and an inspiration for millions of people who lived their lives under captivity of racism, poverty and inequality.
Framingham flagman company Mass Traffic Controls did not return phone calls seeking comment.
83) There was no possibility of an African American trainmen becoming a conductor, baggageman, or flagman.
Secondly, Alonzo Sargent, the engineer of the empty troop train, didn't see the red warning lights ahead or the flagman frantically trying to get his attention.
The Bulgarian tourist industry must be a flagman of local winemaking, according to Bulgarian President, Rosen Plevneliev.