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A man who is employed as a flagger.


n, pl -men
a person who has charge of, carries, or signals with a flag, esp a railway employee


(ˈflæg mən)

n., pl. -men.
a person who signals with or carries a flag.
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"The EU Council, Parliament and European Commission have expressed their joint commitment to maintain the funding level for such EU infrastructure flagman projects, like the Rail Baltica.
He said a flagman will be on hand to direct the traffic and hoped those who uses the road will be patient with the inconvenience caused.
And instead of the role he was promised (security guard), he ended up as a flagman.
And while the bridge and tracks were being repaired, the crew again made a more intensive search for the strange flagman, unsuccessfully.
Report from Quezon police office said a P and O passenger bus being driven by Aldrin Saltarin accidentally bumped the 'flagman' manning a road construction project.
It was also claimed the third flagman, who had moved on to the racing surface, was seen very late, even by fourth-placed rider Will Kennedy.
There is a "regional fascination with flagmen", says Munn, and where there is a machine, many clients want a flagman. However, under consultation with clients on projects including the Expo 2020, ANGE has been given leave to try a different tack.
"Tom said he and a couple of other lads were saying, 'No sir, no sir!' "When it happened the whole grandstand let out a massive 'what's going on?' "I was looking at the flagman, expecting him to wave a false start, but he didn't."
For the next two months at Kempton's all-weather meetings, the flagman will work alongside the new starter's automated recall/false-start system that involves a siren and flashing lights approximately a furlong down the track from the stalls.
"The flagman actually waved a yellow flag - which means stop the race - by mistake but because of the low sun the jockeys couldn't really tell which flag he was waving anyway.