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1. Conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible: a flagrant miscarriage of justice. See Usage Note at blatant.
2. Obsolete Flaming; blazing.

[Latin flagrāns, flagrant-, present participle of flagrāre, to burn; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

fla′gran·cy, fla′grance n.
fla′grant·ly adv.
Synonyms: flagrant, glaring, gross, egregious, rank2
These adjectives refer to what is conspicuously bad or offensive. Flagrant applies to what is offensive to a serious or appalling degree: flagrant disregard for the law; a flagrant example of racial prejudice.
What is glaring is disturbingly or painfully obvious: a glaring error; glaring contradictions.
Gross suggests a magnitude of offense or failing that cannot be condoned or forgiven: gross ineptitude; gross injustice.
Something egregious is so offensive as to provoke outrage or condemnation: an egregious lie.
What is rank is highly offensive or repugnant: rank stupidity; rank treachery.
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وضوح صارِخ
botrányos volta vminek
svívirîing, hneykslun
gün gibi ortada olma


(ˈfleigrənt) adjective
(usually of something bad) very obvious; easily seen. flagrant injustice.
ˈflagrantly adverb
ˈflagrancy noun
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When people who had nothing to do with the case were so sensible of its flagrancy, people who lost money by it could scarcely be expected to deal mildly with it.
Affections are as thoughts to her, The measures of her hours; Her feelings have the flagrancy, The freshness of young flowers; And lovely passions, changing oft, So fill her, she appears The image of themselves by turns, -- The idol of past years!
To effectuate that aim, Kozel proposes to eliminate current stare decisis considerations like jurisprudential coherence, flagrancy of error, and a precedent's perceived harmfulness; these considerations, he reasons, too closely track the Justices' views of a decision on the merits (pp.
Duterte seemed to have adopted in appointing De Castro 'clearly shows the payment of a favor, absence of delicadeza and flagrancy in this government.'
When it came to the flagrancy of police misconduct, the court concluded that the behavior of the police was unacceptable.
Flagrancy Should Be Based on Clarity of Case Law 835
However, as a dire repercussion to the draconian patterns of Indian violence in Kashmir, it ceases to be the paradise that it once was, standing as a cleaved land, dotted with cold-blooded episodes of flagrancy. Recent times manifest that the Indian forces policy of 'shooting to kill' has evidently morphed into the policy of shooting to encumber the Kashmiri population, essentially in the post-Burhan Wani era.
Secondly, the federal and provincial government's failure in implementing the laws related to violence against children, as the National Commission on the Rights of Child Bill and Criminal Laws Amendment Bill, manifests the callousness of the government in clamping down episodes of flagrancy against children.
We cannot and must not leave it to chance or resign in the face of increasing flagrancy of abuse of power and manipulation of laws."
590, 603-04 (1975), the Court analyzed the: (1) temporal proximity between the illegal stop and discovery of the evidence; (2) presence of intervening circumstances; and (3) purpose and flagrancy of the misconduct.
Can you imagine any other world leader being so coarsely offensive with such a frequency and flagrancy? But as distasteful as all this undoubtedly is, it was another incident last week which is potentially more serious for the media collectively.
Their attempt is astonishing in its flagrancy, and dangerously combines politics and sectarianism just so the two politicians can score the victory they have long boasted of to their supporters.