flagrante delicto

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fla·gran·te de·lic·to

 (flə-grăn′tē dĭ-lĭk′tō)
1. In the very act of committing an offense; red-handed.
2. In the act of having sex.

[Medieval Latin flagrante dēlictō, while the crime is blazing : flagrante, ablative of flagrāns, blazing + dēlictō, ablative of dēlictum, offense.]

flagrante delicto

(fləˈɡræntɪ dɪˈlɪktəʊ)

fla•gran•te de•lic•to

(fləˈgræn ti dɪˈlɪk toʊ)
in the very act of committing the offense.
[< Latin: while the offense is (still) burning]

flagrante delicto

A Latin phrase meaning while the crime is blazing, used to mean red-handed or in the act.
References in classic literature ?
And just then there came a knock and a scurrying; the police, so lamentably absent from the Calton Hill, appeared upon the scene; and the party, taken FLAGRANTE DELICTO, with their glasses at their elbow, were seized, marched up to the police office, and all duly summoned to appear as witnesses in the consequent case against that arch-shebeener, Colette.
D'Artagnan proposed to himself to take them by surprise in flagrante delicto of wandering life, and to judge by the first appearance if he could count on them as trusty companions.
the in flagrante delicto clause and how it affects the removal of parliamentary immunity,' Smith said in brief comments following the meeting with Samrin.
For crime prevention, the NCRPO conducted 64,502 check points; 263,709 'Oplan Bakal Sita'; 977,074 Beat Patrol; 478,011 Mobile Patrol; 70,379 'Oplan Galugad'; and 21,986 'Oplan Katok,' wherein as a result, a total of 44,452 persons with standing warrants and in flagrante delicto were arrested.
Because if there was a crime committed, he would have been ordered to stay there because that's allegedly in flagrante delicto that there was crime being committed and therefore he needed to be detained in the US but that's not what happened.
The court noted that cheating spouses are very rarely busted in flagrante delicto, and so adultery is nearly always proved by circumstantial evidence, although this evidence must rise to more than mere conjecture.
It is reported the police lacked an arrest warrant and have accused Kem Sokha of an offence in flagrante delicto.
There was a time when you'd be mortified if your parents even heard you getting up to naughtiness, never mind catch you in flagrante delicto.
They haven't spoken in years, but when she is caught in flagrante delicto with her star client, the leader of the notorious Salucci Crime Family, Carter turns to the one person she thinks should always have her back.
According to Ibrahim, the defendant was caught having sexual intercourse with one of his minor victims in flagrante delicto (caught red-handed).
Quite how he followed what was going on as his boss, junior minister Richard Willey, twisted and turned to prevent himself getting caught in flagrante delicto with an opposition secretary was as much a mystery as the plot.
But when the servant was caught in flagrante delicto with a fisherman's wife, Mubarak was livid at the shame the servant brought on him and promptly blew the man's brains out.