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or particle board  (pär′tĭ-kəl-bôrd′)
A structural material made of wood fragments, such as chips or shavings, that are mechanically pressed into sheet form and bonded together with resin.
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The company, which has a staff of 45, is also active in the mineral and flake board industry.
As with the MOR results, at each of the three resin contents, the highest MOE was obtained when the flake board was bonded with pMDI/acetone mix.
Internally the use of self-finished materials such as flake board (OSB) gives the house a reassuring as-built quality not typical of this image-conscious region.
As a workbench, the all-steel frame and 1" thick flake board top are tough enough to handle the heavy-duty demands of repair shops, manufacturing plants, and garages.