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flake 1

1. A flat thin piece or layer; a chip.
2. Archaeology A stone fragment removed from a core or from another flake by percussion or pressure, serving as a preform or as a tool or blade itself.
3. A small piece; a bit.
4. A small crystalline bit of snow.
5. Slang
a. One who is undependable, as in keeping social engagements.
b. A somewhat eccentric person; an oddball.
6. Slang Cocaine.
v. flaked, flak·ing, flakes
1. To remove a flake or flakes from; chip.
2. To cover, mark, or overlay with or as if with flakes.
3. To lay out (a rope or sail, for example) in loose folds.
1. To come off in flat thin pieces or layers.
2. Slang
a. To renege, as on a social engagement: promised to go to the party but flaked at the last moment.
b. To fall asleep or collapse from fatigue or exhaustion: got home and flaked on the sofa.
Phrasal Verb:
flake out Slang
1. To renege, as on a social engagement: Sorry for flaking out on you last night—I had to work late.
2. To lose interest or nerve: I toyed with the idea of getting a tattoo but flaked out when I saw the needle.
3. To fall asleep or collapse from fatigue or exhaustion: On arriving at the campsite, we dropped our packs and flaked out on the ground.
4. To act in an odd or eccentric manner: Don't embarrass me by flaking out in front of my friends!

[Middle English; see plāk- in Indo-European roots.]

flak′er n.

flake 2

1. A frame or platform for drying fish or produce.
2. A platform lowered over the side of a ship as a scaffold for performing maintenance or repairs.

[Middle English fleke, from Old Norse fleki, hurdle, shield used for defense in battle; see plāk- in Indo-European roots.]


[fleɪkt] adj flaked almondsscaglie fpl di mandorle
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To fulfil these needs, demand is increasing for flaked fats made from healthier fats rich in unsaturated fatty acids with lower melting points.
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Condiments: chopped pistachios or peanuts; golden raisins; sliced green onions; flaked coconut; and mango chutney.
The 2-by 6- by 14-inch samples were flaked using a 6-foot Muller-Brugg disc flaker with a flake target size of 2.
The line at Ultra Pac passes flaked PET through a metal detector and an aspirator.
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Muntons Plc, the liquid and dried malt extract and malt flour manufacturers, have announced the availability of a new range of flaked malted products.